Anonymous asked:
How many nipples currently inhabit the building you occupy?
chomei replied:

like. a lot. probably



i did the math and there are currently 12 nipples inhabiting the building that anna currently occupies, including her dog. no need to thank me. 

thanks its appreciated

no need to thank me

Anonymous asked:
What is your fav colour?

i don’t know i suppose i like green!!! i love green. nice . . all the best things are green , for example: lizards, rock lee, trees

Anonymous asked:
On the mobile app and it took me forever to figure out who you were. I couldn't figure out for the life of me when I decided to follow a naruto blog. Congrats on bein the only naruto blogger I follow, bruh

I’M SORRY i really should put it somewhere on my blog but  yeah i used to be ikolism/agentofasgard. i apologise for becoming an ANIME BLOG that’s like the one thing i never ever thought i would become but look where we are now i’m scared and confused and i cant stop reblogging ninja stuff